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About Us

The idea of MUSA Outdoors was solidified one hot summer morning. While on the way to the mountains, to seek relief from the heat, my daughter – as a result of exercising her new reading skills - asked, “Why is everything made in China, don’t we live in America?” My wife, Jessica and I took a quick inventory of everything in our minivan, including our hiking gear, toys for the ride, and our clothes: Nothing made in the USA.

From that point on we began to actively seek American made products, but soon found that this was a lot more difficult than we anticipated. Selection was very limited or not even available, and finding these products took a lot of searching and often a dose of luck.

As we began to research why so many products were being outsourced, we also found several remarkable companies still in America. What impressed us about the MUSA companies were their stories; they all had stories of survival based on innovation. These were the companies that we wanted to support. They embody everything that is right about America: ingenuity, adaptability, strong values and commitment to their communities and the environment.

We now realize that our feelings are shared by a growing body of Americans. The MUSA movement is gaining a voice and it is creating a demand in the marketplace. More and more companies are choosing to do their business on American soil. Our desire is to be a part of this change in the US economy.

MUSA Outdoors is a business that supports everything that is right in America. We sell only high quality products that are manufactured in the USA by companies that are strong, innovative and committed to the environment. We are also a business that is focused on the American consumer. For those who want a choice, we make it simple to buy Made in the USA.


Shane Leavitt


MUSA Outdoors, LLC